Thailand Guide 101: How To Apply For A Work Permit In Thailand?


Thailand is known for its preferable option of work due to its welcoming culture and friendly people. If one plans to work in Thailand, the essential thing to do is apply for a Work Visa in Thailand. Let us know the details on how to apply for a work permit in Thailand!

To begin with, what is a ‘Work Visa’ in Thailand?

As the name says, a Thailand work visa refers to a permit enabling a person to work in Thailand legally. A work permit refers to a legal document that includes a job description, current occupation, information about a Thai company, and a foreign national’s position statement. A non-immigrant visa is required to apply for a work permit in Thailand. Make sure you obtain the visa before entering Thailand.

Things to keep in mind before entering Thailand:


Before entering Thailand, one needs to obtain a Non-immigrant category B visa if they are planning to work in Thailand. Also, if the foreign national (the applicant) is accompanies any family member, they should obtain a Non-immigrant O visa.

Process of application of Non-immigrant visa:

As mentioned earlier, one needs to apply for a work permit initially to obtain a non-immigrant visa. Also, you can apply for the visa online by submitting the required documents. After filling the application form, you need to pay the application fee, which is non-refundable. After these three steps, submit your visa application to any Thai Consulate or Thai Embassy. Now that every step of the application process is finished, you need to wait for the hearing from the Embassy or Consulate.

What are the documents required for a Thailand work permit?

Before you apply for a Thailand Visa, make sure you are prepared with documents such as a Visa application form, Valid passport, Departure Card ™.6, recent passport size photos, professional testimonials, licence or certificates held by you, all academic qualifications, medical certificate, non-immigrant visa, address proof in Thailand, letter of employment, and a copy of additional licences, if necessary.
Suppose you are married to a Thai national. In that case, you will have to submit documents like a marriage certificate, a copy of every page of the applicant’s passport, and the spouse’s household registration and identity card.

The documents need to be provided by the employer:

In case you are an employer, you need to provide documents such as an employment agreement, company’s objectives and certificates, list of shareholders, an application of VAT, financial statement, four Thai employees per work permit, letter of employment with details such as position and salary of applicant, withholding tax of the company, and social security payment filing.


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